Some Apps to Help You Better Recycle

In which trash can you put this waste? So as not to go wrong with your container, your smartphone can be useful: several mobile applications provide recommendations to help you better recycle your packaging.

Apps that help you make good resolutions are on the rise. We already told you about the ones that guide you towards healthier eating. Why not adopt such a responsible approach when throwing away the packaging of your food and other products in the trash?

Several apps can accompany you. In this selection, we have chosen to retain only free services. These apps also give tips on which bucket to prioritize and motivate you to keep recycling with rewards.

Sorting guide to know local instructions

Sorting is easy as pie according to this app when you open it on your smartphone. On Sorting Guide, the first step is to indicate your location. Only then can you use the search engine to find the sorting instructions associated with the packaging that you do not know what to do with.

The main advantage of the Sorting Guide app is to separate the recycling tips according to the different materials that can coexist in a single waste, even if you need a dumpster rental to remove all your junk at once.

If you type for example tea box, the app makes the difference between the metal, cardboard boxes (both go in the yellow bin), as well as the plastic pockets (towards the green bin) and finally the green waste (which can be placed in a compost bin).

Eugene, to eat better by recycling

With Eugène, you will not only recycle, but also eat better. In any case, this mobile application promises to be used with or without the Eugène box sold by the company. To use this service, you must first create an account. You can then scan a first product, by granting the app access to you smartphone’s camera.

Once the product is recognized, a sheet details in which garbage bins you must place the items to be thrown away. It’s also time to add it to your cart, so that it joins the shopping list offered in the app. Eugène is rather playful: depending on the quantity of recyclable packaging that you scan, you get rewards that can be converted into vouchers.

90days, to meet green challenges

This application presents itself as a personal ecological transition assistant. With 90days, you will not only recycle your waste: you will take up challenges to minimize your environmental impact every day.

After a questionnaire designed to assess your current involvement on the subject, you will begin a series of daily challenges to be met, in 90 days.

Some take longer than others, from a few minutes to two weeks. Among the challenges to be met, you may have to do without meat for a few days, identify products that contain harmful substances and (of course) learn to sort your packaging correctly.

Cliiink, to be rewarded when you sort

Do you want to go from the Sunday sorter stage to that of Knowledgeable sorter on Cliiink?

So you will have to accumulate points by activating the localization in this application. This service offers to identify surrounding containers (the service is not yet deployed throughout Europee), and to connect to them using Cliiink to collect points when disposing of the packaging.

The accumulated points can then be converted into various offers (for shopping, shopping or offering the points to a charity). Although some users note that Cliiink still has room for improvement, the initiative of this program rewarding sorting gestures seems rather laudable.