4 Things Female Gamers Hate Hearing

The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) in Australia recently conducted a survey about Australia’s gaming habits. Despite the stereotype that the game-playing market is viewed as one dominated by men, the survey found that 47% of gamers were female.

Female gamers are getting more common and we’re stealthily around you like ninjas – but we do have a lot we hate about gaming, especially what we hear about female gamers.

#1: Girl Gamers Only Game for Attention

In fact, when World of Warcraft (WoW) first started, many girls hid their female identities because they did not want to be treated differently than anyone else. I liked to advertise that I’m a gamer, not because I wanted attention but simply because I was proud of who I was. It is true that women are still a minority in the gaming industry, which is why some men find girls who play video games more desirable. Sure, we find it fascinating once in a while when you give us attention but that only lasts for so long. The vast majority of female gamers game because they truly enjoy the game. Sorry to burst your bubbles boys, but we’re not that interested in you.

#2: You Do Not Look Like a Gamer

Is there a specific look that we’re supposed to have? I’m sorry but I think I’ve missed that memo. I’ve also heard that girl gamers are supposed to be fat and ugly because fat and ugly girls have no social life. So is it more acceptable for a guy that a female games when she is fat and ugly than when she isn’t? Since when do looks justify our actions? Does it matter if we’re fat or skinny, ugly or pretty? Should we wear our love for video games on our clothes everyday so it’s clear that we’re gamers?

#3: Girl Gamers Only Play Girl Games

WRONG. Just because we know how to enjoy a good game of Cooking Mama doesn’t mean we aren’t good at Super Mario, Halo, Call of Duty, League of Legends and Starcraft, etc. Also, we think it’s completely acceptable if a guy plays girl games.

#4: Girl Gamers Are Terrible at Gaming

The Frag Dolls made history by being the first all-female team to take first place at a professional LAN tournament in 2007. They are still dominating the gaming industry in games like League of Legends. There are so many examples of female gamers kicking ass. I challenge you to a game of Counter-Strike/L4D2/Rainbow Six Vegas 2/COD.

As for what games most female gamers are playing, the number one choice was “social network games” (such as Facebook’s Candy Crush) at 24%, followed by “online role-playing games” (such as Riot Game’s League of Legends) at 15%. Gamers typically spend an average of one hour a day gaming. According to the research survey by IGEA, 86% of parents who game, a game with their children.

If you are a girl gamer, do you feel you’re being judged for being female? As a guy, do you catch yourself judging people based on their sex? After all, we’re not noobs – we just want to be accepted and treated as equals. But don’t cry when we end up kicking your ass.