Smartphones Apps Are Leading the Technology Revolution

More and more people are moving on smartphones and tablets for their regular computing requirements; from browsing the internet to playing games, to shopping, to reading books.  The growing demand for mobile has, of course, encouraged businesses to launch their mobile app project and introduce their mobile presence.

Businesses around the world have begun to take smartphones and mobile app development as a technical upgrade to their practices. They give importance to mobility and are implementing apps for their internal & external business processes.

Today’s mobile application development technology has matured to a level where it can provide flawless solutions to a number of requirements of businesses. From selling online to aiding executive productively concluding their tasks to healthcare professionals rapidly sharing information, mobile apps can be created for almost everything, anything. Apps are capable of handling intuitive interaction and communication with business-related people, partners, and prospects.

It is Apple that started the contemporary age of mobile apps in the year 2008. The company launched its application store with the release of iPhone OS 2.0, the mobile platform. Today after 8 years of Apple’s initiation, iPhone developers have built more than 2.0 million applications which have received billions of downloads from users around the world.

Another big player in the market is Google that has given its mobile OS away for free to be used by any computing gadget manufacturer. The Google’s Android is today one of the most popular OSs as it already has its hold in 84 percent share of the global smart device market. Also, Android isn’t only used in smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches but also in other gadgets and appliances. We have Android-powered head-mounted devices, smart TV, refrigerators and even washing machines.

Without a doubt, Android has posted a dramatic effect on the entire mobile application development community and end-users. It has captured the most part of the market and has been reported to host more than 2.2 million apps on Google Play Store. As of figures, Google Play Store received 60 billion of a cumulative number of app downloads in May 2016.

Enterprise sector is now aware of the advantage of mobility. Here, Business has discovered that how the adoption of mobile technology and mobile apps can streamline all their process and simplify a lot of business tasks. They are also allowing BYOD model as they have observed that to let employees work without the restriction of time and place certainly improves their productivity and increases the outcome.